Documents Required for Kentucky CBD Merchant Accounts

Here’s what paperwork Kentucky CBD Processing needs from your business:

Because we believe in complete transparency, our relationship with the domestic, US-based processor requires that all Kentucky-based businesses submit the proper documentation to apply for Kentucky CBD Merchant Accounts.

This documentation is securely transmitted to the processor. When it is received by the processor, their risk and underwriting departments will review the submitted documents and make a decision on the account. The processor uses a variety of factors to determine whether or not to approve the merchant account. Providing as many of the required documents as possible will help speed up the decision process.


  • A voided check or a signed bank letter which includes routing and account numbers on the bank letterhead
  • Kentucky business license
  • Certificates of analysis of all CBD/hemp products showing that the products were cultivated and harvested within the state of Kentucky
  • A Kentucky driver’s license or state ID, or a United States passport
  • 3 months of your personal or Kentucky business’ bank statements
  • 3 months of your most recent processing statements in the state of Kentucky
  • An EIN letter from the IRS
  • Articles of Incorporation/Organization
  • Two years’ financial statements*
  • Tax returns
  • Profit and losses statement
  • Balance sheets
  • A utility bill for the owner’s Kentucky residence no older than 60 days
  • Proof of URL ownership (owner’s name must match application)

*depending on your business type

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